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At Pick & Roll Wealth Management, we believe a holistic approach is essential when it comes to managing your wealth and financial well-being. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive, objective advice throughout the entire planning process, ensuring you receive the guidance you need to secure your financial future.

Much like a skilled point guard leads a team's offense, we take a partnering and coaching approach to our client relationships. It starts with an initial meeting, where we can learn more about each other and make sure we’re a good fit. We’ll take the time needed to understand your dreams, goals, and financial concerns. We’ll then provide specialized support, tapping into our years of experience to put together your personalized game plan.

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Working on the Financial Fundamentals

Today’s financial services landscape is loaded with complexity, conflicts of interest, and differing points of view. Consequently, it can be difficult to educate yourself without running into sales offerings. As a fiduciary asset manager, Pick & Roll Wealth Management is proud to offer advice-based wealth management that’s focused on simplicity, transparency, and objectivity.

In short, we provide a straightforward, client-centered process with client-specific solutions, making sure every move is in your best interest. Let’s elevate your financial journey and shift your focus from growth to the fundamentals of cash flow, retirement planning, and crafting a lasting legacy.

Greg Jacobson

Greg Jacobson CFP®

Wealth Manager / Owner

Gregory A. Jacobson, CFP® is the owner and operator of Pick & Roll Wealth Management and Transfer. After graduating from Villanova University in 1991, Greg spent time in various roles, from auditing to business operations to working on Wall Street trading desks. In 1998, after growing weary of the NYC commute, Greg left the city, returned to eastern Monmouth County, NJ and decided to build a localized business in the community. His past experiences are the foundation of what is now Pick & Roll – a 24-year financial services firm that has evolved into an advice-based wealth management advisory focused on simplicity, transparency, and objectivity.

The Pick & Roll name is an appreciation for Greg's long-time participation in sports and what can be learned from them. At its core, a successful advisor/client relationship is really a partnership based on trust, with both parties collaborating for a desired outcome.

Greg is proud of what Pick & Roll offers and the impact it has had on many lives. He has created an environment where you will feel served and empowered in your financial decision making.

Our Commonwealth Extended Team

Our affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network® gives us access to teams of advanced planning consultants, investment research specialists, and retirement professionals to help us better serve your needs. Use the links below to learn more about our support teams.

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